Managed Vision Care In The Digital Age
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Managed Vision Care In The Digital Age

Maynard Mcalpin, Chief Operating Officer, Versant Health
Maynard Mcalpin, Chief Operating Officer, Versant Health

Maynard Mcalpin, Chief Operating Officer, Versant Health

These days, technology moves at a much faster pace. As such, customers expect better, faster, and more personalized service.

At Versant Health, we are answering by making digital transformation one of our prime goals, with a primary focus on data, automation, and artificial intelligence (AI). We have recently launched a highly integrated provider portal for our eye care professionals. As we modernize our systems—and reorganize to democratize data—we are working to be data- and facts-driven for better outcomes.

Digitization And Analytics

Not only is information and technology moving fast, but it is changing the way we are doing business. We are working towards creating differentiated experiences for our customers.

One example of this is working to provide our members with the capability to try on eyeglasses on using virtual reality technology. This allows them to “try before they buy”, whether that purchase is made online or in a brick-and-mortar store. It this way, our members are able to interact with us and share their preferences.

 As we modernize our systems— and reorganize to democratize data—we are working to be data- and facts-driven for better outcomes 

It also enables us to create data points around trends and prepares us to be more effective in bringing new products to the market. New integrations with retailers and eye care professionals are also being rolled out to make it a seamless experience for everyone involved.

Leveraging AI

As we start capturing how members interact with us through various channels, it gives us the opportunity to be more innovative and responsive. Along with the VR technologies mentioned above, we also plan to provide our members with facial analysis so we can start recommending the right type of frame and directing these to retailers who sell those frames.

Additionally, robotic process automation (RPA) and AI capabilities enables us to be more responsive and intelligent in interacting within Versant Health itself. We are working towards automation-first strategies to optimize processes.

The Full Picture

This new digital economy demands speed— customers want to be served fast, employees are demanding for quicker ways to complete tasks, and competitors are not slowing down in their operations. As we continue on our digital transformation journey, we will continue to serve all of these segments by leveraging emerging technologies.

This means keeping an eye on our ability to change processes and adopt new processes, as well as automate as much as we can while simultaneously providing our members and eye care professionals with the highest level of service.

Specifically, we can provide our members and eye care professionals alike reduced wait times, as well as a more proactive and data-driven experience and interaction, be it with customer service, provider relations, claims, manufacturing, or any other operational function. This also allows us to more fully integrate with our partners, third parties, and government agencies.

By automating these processes and moving toward a fully AI-driven business system, we expect to see increased response time, greater interaction with our stakeholders, and a more personalized experience overall.

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