Gorilla Expense: Taking the Pain Out of T&E Reporting

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Pranav Kulkarni, Co-Founder
Have you ever traveled as a company representative? If yes, then you will surely agree that reporting the incurred expense on airfare, lodging, meals, and taxi during the travel with corresponding receipts is a tedious process. Even on the employers’ side, it is an incredibly difficult and time-consuming job to review the validity of these expenses and reimburse the incurred amount to employees through their corporate credit cards. Further, there is no accountability or transparency involved as this process is carried out manually. Enter Gorilla Expense! By providing cutting edge mobile and web software application, the company digitizes the employee expense claim submission and reimbursement payment process. “We take the pain out of expense reporting through our simple but powerful application, thereby providing 100 percent visibility of T&E spend and offering savings through automation of expense management,” mentions Pranav Kulkarni, the CTO of Gorilla Expense.

The company delivers its product both via an on-premise installation as well as a SaaS model. Typically, it takes Gorilla Expense four to six weeks to carry out an onboarding process, once the client has provided access to their master data. Next, the company configures the system and conducts online training for its users. The learning curve is user-friendly and straightforward as the application is quite intuitive and most new users would not even need to go through the online training. On the solution side, Gorilla Expense provides the ability to track employee expenses as soon as they are incurred and credit card statement reconciliation tools. For the clients’ requirement to sync approved expense reports with their backend accounting system, Gorilla Expense integrates with Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains, Microsoft Dynamics SL, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Sage 300, Sage 300 CRE, Sage 100 and Sage 100 Contractor Edition. “This is even more important for some customers who track expenditure by job role or project as we sync the related data from their accounting system with Gorilla Expense such that their users can tag it to the expense,” states Kulkarni.

We take the pain out of expense reporting through our clean, simple but powerful application, thereby providing 100 percent visibility of T&E spend

Gorilla Expense typically works with SMBs with an average team size of 300- 400 employees. However, the company also have several large size customers including Federal and Local Government as well as Non-Profit entities as its clients. For one such client—AirFlite, a division of Toyota Motors Corporation—Gorilla Expense delivered significant time and cost saving as their employees were able to submit e-receipts anytime and anywhere with no delays in processing reimbursements. Gorilla Expense also works with more than 140 foreign currencies, which made it easier for AirFlite pilots to receive reimbursements. The example stands testament for the unique niche that Gorilla Expense has carved for themselves by catering unique applications to over 100 customers in seven different countries and users in over 40 countries—including customers in private, public and government domains.

Being bootstrapped and focused extensively on the Microsoft Dynamics and Sage accounting systems gives Gorilla Expense a competitive edge. Further, the company provides free support, full control of the system for the clients, and a boutique expense reporting solution, which steers it ahead of the competition. Going forward, the company aims to continue focusing on expense reporting while expanding their geographical reach in Europe, Canada, India, and Australia. Kulkarni informs, “While we already scan the receipt data automatically, we will also be launching a new feature that will provide clients with the ability to scan receipt data and compare it with the transaction that receipt is attached to so that any fraudulent activity can be flagged automatically which will provide us an extra edge.”

Gorilla Expense

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Pranav Kulkarni, Co-Founder

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