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Michael R. Callan, CEO
Sage’s reinstatement of its market leadership after taking a productive U-turn to cloud strategies speaks volumes of its scalability. With Sage drastically revamping the way their programs work and updating their user interface, their customer base has started to transition from legacy platforms to a Microsoft SQL backend. On the flip side, these database migrations require double or triple the amount of resources to run the same program from the end user’s perspective.

Compounding the problem is the fact that businesses, not having been in a terminal server environment before, don't understand all of the capabilities and the access options that they can get their hands on. These terminal server environments, with its varied workflows for specific customers, are much more customizable. Naturally, it requires engineers and solution providers on staff and their tech support team who can provide a specific solution that’s customized to a company’s requirements.

Washington-based Swizznet educates clients about the new capabilities of the Sage platform and hosts the software on a cloud-based platform to provide them with every feature and benefit, plus remote access. “We partner with Sage resellers and their customers to digitally transform their desktop applications and add mobility and enterprise-grade cloud access,” says Michael R. Callan, CEO of Swizznet.

Another underlying issue is, instead of solely using Sage solutions, businesses use a variety of other third-party products that they integrate with their Sage installation to create customized business processes. To align with its customers, Swizznet works with the third- party vendors to get their product linked with the customer's Sage deployment in that environment and ensure that it works optimally without sacrificing reliability.

To provide an elevated customer experience, Swizznet offers Sage resellers a standardized platform where they can administer all of their customers.
The company also equips customers with an administrative function allowing them to install programs, reboot their server, check on backend resources, or deal with their SQL database as the SQL admin. “We empower end customers as well as resellers while we're there to support them,” states Callan.

We partner with Sage resellers and their customers to digitally transform their desktop applications and add mobility and enterprise-grade cloud access

Next in line among Swizznet’s many benefits is that they back up customer empowerment with extraordinary customer service, which gave rise to their trademarked term 'Obsessive Support®'. The team has been able to drive 98 percent customer satisfaction every month and achieve 97 percent first response time and ticket close time on their service level agreement consistently. “Regardless of the product that we are hosting, we are a customer service company first that happens to host products. We drive that home to our customers to become a trusted partner,” says Callan.

As for providing security in its cloud environment, the two main standards that Swizznet include PCI as well HIPAA compliance. The company’s security strategy encompasses the preservation of data, along with disaster recovery. This is achieved by backing up their customers’ data every night into a secondary, geographically diverse, location.

Swizznet’s short-term plans include deploying its solutions in Canada, which is a very large market for Sage. The Swizznet team understands the data sovereignty issues around the U.S.- Canadian border and the desire for Canadian companies to retain and host their data within the borders of Canada. As the company continues to expand geographically, they also focus on migrating people from onsite deployments to cloud as a first step toward cloud solutions.


Seattle, WA

Michael R. Callan, CEO

Swizznet partners with Sage resellers to enable the digital transformation of the business through the utilization of its services